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Timo Tervo is the lucky winner of Sijoittajamestari 2022

Nordic Growth Market´s yearly trading competition Sijoittajamestari is now over and Timo Tervo is the lucky winner of Sijoittajamestari 2022 and named the most successful investor in Finland. We had the chance to ask a few questions to the new champion.

  1. Congratulations for being the most successful investor in Finland and the winner of Sijoittajamestari 2022! How does it feel?

Well, winning feels always good.

  1. What was your winning recipe? Tell us more about your strategy.

Active daily trading with DAX index with high leverage products.

  1. Which asset classes did you trade the most in the competition?


  1. What were your expectations for this year’s competition?

Winning of course.

  1. What experience do you have of trading?

Just a little bit knowledge.

  1. What are your three best learnings from this year’s competition?

Don’t buy and forget, note intraday market changes.

  1. What tips do you have for succeeding in trading?

Extended hours can be most profitable.

  1. Do you have a role model when it comes to trading?

  1. What was the most fun part about participating in Sijoittajamestari 2022?

Just trading with Unlimited turbos.

  1. Why should you participate in Sijoittajamestari?

This is not my first year participating, it’s always nice to invest in high leverage products especially if there is no risk of losing your own moneys.

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