Sijoittajamestari 2020

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Jouni Mettälä is the winner of Sijoittajamestari 2020!

Nordic Growth Market´s yearly trading competition Sijoittajamestari is now over and Jouni Mettälä is the lucky winner of Sijoittajamestari 2020 and named the most successful investor in Finland. We had the chance to ask a few questions to the new champion.

Congratulations for being the most successful investor in Finland and the winner of Sijoittajamestari 2020! How does it feel?
It is amazing and somewhat unexpected, to be honest. There were some tough competitors like Lennart, who kept pushing me until the end.

What was your winning recipe? Tell us more about your strategy.
I tried to make an overall prediction for the next 12 – 24 hours where the markets would move and made some aggressive bets in that direction. If I made enough gains I took my wins and tried to look for the next opportunity. I capitalized on four bigger moves that made most of the profits for me.

Which asset classes did you trade the most in the competition?
I traded mostly in Mini Futures BEST / Unlimited Turbo with DAX 30.

What were your expectations for this year’s competition?
I mainly wanted to see how an aggressive tactic would pay off. And I guess it did.

What experience do you have of trading?
I have long term investments, but I am not an active day trader.

What are your best learnings from this year’s competition?
I think you have to take some chances to make it to the top.

What tips do you have for succeeding in trading?
You should not be emotional when making decisions. Patience and sticking to your plan are the best way forward.

Do you have a role model when it comes to trading?
Yes, my big brother has been a mentor for me when it comes to all things trading. I wouldn’t have participated or succeeded in winning this competition without his insights over the years.

What was the most fun part about participating in Sijoittajamestari 2020?
I think the most exciting part was the last day of the competition when Lennart went into the lead, and I had to make one more push to get past him. I predicted rising DAX for Friday, and true enough I got fine gains of 15k in the next few hours. Lennart tried hard to come back. I was worried he would still beat my climb, but in the end, it was enough.

Why should you participate in Sijoittajamestari?
I think this competition is an amazing opportunity to test your skills in trading. Even though you are not trading with real money, the competition aspect makes the decisions carry weight and will apply to you some of the same pressure when trading with real money. I highly recommend participating in this competition for everyone.

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