Sijoittajamestari 2022

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Timo Tervo is the lucky winner of Sijoittajamestari 2022

Nordic Growth Market´s yearly trading competition Sijoittajamestari is now over and Timo Tervo is the lucky winner of Sijoittajamestari 2022 and named the most successful investor in Finland. We had the chance to ask a few questions to the new champion.

  1. Congratulations for being the most successful investor in Finland and the winner of Sijoittajamestari 2022! How does it feel?

Well, winning feels always good.

  1. What was your winning recipe? Tell us more about your strategy.

Active daily trading with DAX index with high leverage products.

  1. Which asset classes did you trade the most in the competition?


  1. What were your expectations for this year’s competition?

Winning of course.

  1. What experience do you have of trading?

Just a little bit knowledge.

  1. What are your three best learnings from this year’s competition?

Don’t buy and forget, note intraday market changes.

  1. What tips do you have for succeeding in trading?

Extended hours can be most profitable.

  1. Do you have a role model when it comes to trading?

  1. What was the most fun part about participating in Sijoittajamestari 2022?

Just trading with Unlimited turbos.

  1. Why should you participate in Sijoittajamestari?

This is not my first year participating, it’s always nice to invest in high leverage products especially if there is no risk of losing your own moneys.

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Winner of Sijoittajamestari 2022!

Nordic Growth Market´s yearly trading competition Sijoittajamestari is now over and TT is the lucky winner of Sijoittajamestari 2022!

This year´s winner among the Investor profiles is KEISARIJOKINEN!

Congratulations to you both!

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Interview with Lari, one of the competing Investor profiles

Hi Lari!

  1. Do you have any advice for creating positive returns in a bear market?

Trade less and focus more on risk management. Only take trades that have the best odds and where you have the best edge in markets.

  1. What does your strategy look like going in to this year’s competition?

Less is more. I’m trying to find the best set-ups. Next week we have midterms and CPI report coming. These events will be super volatile and I won’t trade the news.

  1. What are your best tips for being successful when it comes to trading securities in general?

As I mentioned before, less is more and be aware of your edge. You have to adapt to the different environments. In bear markets take less risks and consider taking profits earlier. In bull markets you can just hang on as trends continue on and maybe add leverage.

  1. Why should people participate in Sijoittajamestari?

To challenge themselves


Good luck in the competition!

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Halfway there!

The competition has come more than halfway, and the current leader is JOEL BOUYAHIA. The leader is followed by the runner-up VILLE01. In the competition between Investor profiles is ALLLE the current leader.

It will be thrilling to follow the leaderboard during the last two days of trading and, as we know out of experience, anything can happen!

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Interview with Juuso, one of the competing Investor profiles

Hi Juuso!

  1. Do you have any advice for creating positive returns in a bear market?

Think through your own investment strategy. Try to do your own research and draw your own conclusions based on facts, not speculation. If you feel you’re deviating from your investment strategy, get your passwords wrong three times and lock your account.

  1. What does your strategy look like going in to this year’s competition? 

The competition will take place in the relatively short term, and I have personally identified mean reversion as the best strategy. I have certain ideas, but we’ll see how they go.

  1. What are your best tips for being successful when it comes to trading securities in general?

Facts and speculation do not fit on the same table. A pre-defined strategy helps, but you need to be able to adapt to new situations and constantly develop new ideas.

  1. Why should people participate in Sijoittajamestari?

There is no point in blowing up your own portfolio. If you ever want to blow it up, I recommend doing it with virtual money. Playful competition with #fintwit is welcome.


Good luck in the competition!

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Societe Generale describes the basic of exchange traded products (ETP)

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Interview with Janne Siik from Nordnet

  1. Sijoittajamestari-kilpailu on ollut olemassa jo yli vuosikymmenen ajan. Mitä mieltä olet kilpailusta?

Kilpailu on hieno tapa tutustua NGM-markkinan tuotteisiin ja eri liikkeeseenlaskijoihin. Koska kyseessä on fiktiivinen raha, on mukaan helppo lähteä. Samalla näkee, miten tuotteet toimivat. Kannustan kaikkia sijoittamisesta ja ennen kaikkea treidaamisesta kiinnostuneita lähtemään rohkeasti mukaan kilpailuun.

  1. Miksi treidaajan kannattaa käyttää Nordnetiä?

Nordnet tarjoaa erittäin kattavan valikoiman eri instrumentteja, toimivan ja helppokäyttöisen kaupankäyntialustan, sekä selkeän hinnoittelun. Olemme erikoistuneet nimenomaan säästämiseen ja sijoittamiseen, ja meiltä löytyy kattavat palvelut myös treidaajille.

  1. Onko olemassa jotain työkaluja, joita tarjoatte erikseen aktiivisille treidaajille?

Kyllä vain. Me tarjoamme omien sivujemme ja mobiilisovelluksen lisäksi myös kahta erillistä kaupankäyntisovellusta, Infront Web Traderia ja Infront Active Traderia. Molemmissa sovelluksissa on mahdollista tehdä omia työpöytiä, seurantalistoja yms. Näistä sovelluksista omalle PC:lle ladattava Infront Active Trader on suunniteltu ammattilaiskäyttöön, eli sieltä löytyy varmasti riittävästi ominaisuuksia erittäin aktiivisellekin kaupankävijälle. Molempia sovelluksia on mahdollista testata kaksi viikkoa veloituksetta ennen lopullista päätöstä sovelluksen tilaamisesta.

  1. Kokemuksemme mukaan suomalaiset sijoittajat menestyvät varsin hyvin pohjoismaisiin naapureihinsa verrattuna. Mistä tämä mahtaa johtua? Onko kyse riskienhallinnasta vai ovatko he vain yksinkertaisesti viisaampia?

Hyvä kysymys. Näin suomalaisena sanoisin, että jälkimmäinen vaihtoehto. 😊

  1. Sekä Nordnetin verkkosivuja että mobiilisovellusta on paranneltu viime vuosina huomattavasti. Ovatko treiderit etusijalla tulevassa kehityksessä?

Teemme jatkuvasti työtä parantaaksemme verkkosivujamme ja mobiilisovellustamme. Pyrimme tuomaan parannuksia kaikille asiakkaillemme, osa niistä kohdistuu enemmän aktiivisille kaupankävijöille ja osa perinteisemmille säästäjille ja sijoittajille.

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A word from our sponsor

It is time for the annual trading competition ”Investor-SM/NM/DM/Sijoittajamestari” and we managed to get a quick chat with one of our sponsors and ETP providers, Société Générale.


  1. What are your thoughts about the trading competition?

We believe that the trading competition is a great way for both new investors as well as experienced investors to try out Exchange Traded Products. Since the competition is mirroring real products and real prices, the participants can obtain valuable insights in how different products behave in real market situations. It is a great tool to expand one’s knowledge of ETPs.

  1. How would you describe the different products you offer?

Société Générale offers more than 22 000 Exchange Traded Products across the Nordics. We offer a very expansive range of instruments for the self-directed trader but also solutions for investors with a longer investment horizon. Everything from Tracker Certificates on thematic strategies to Bull & Bear Certificates, Mini Futures, Turbo Warrants and Plain Warrants are to be found in our product range. The large product offering gives investors a variety of different investment opportunities during different market conditions. Investors can get exposure to the development in almost anything – from commodities, precious metals, currencies, interest rates and indices to many national and international stocks.

  1. What would be the main reasons to choose ETP products instead of investing in plain equities or mutual funds?

There are probably as many reasons as there are different investor types to choose ETPs over plain stocks or mutual funds. One obvious reason is that you can get greater exposure to an underlying for a relatively small initial investment. This is due to the build-in leverage effect that most of the ETPs have and may help to extract tied-up capital. Another reason is the flexibility to get exposure in rising markets (using “Bull”, “Long” or “Call” products) as well as falling markets (using “Bear”, “Short” or “Put” products). There are even solutions to generate positive returns during flat markets.  All this combined with a liquid market and uncomplicated access allows any investor to add very specific investment strategies into their portfolios and adjust its risk and reward exposure individually.

  1. How would you describe the Nordic market compared to the rest of Europe?

The Nordic ETP market has experienced a strong growth during the past years and has been gaining visibility in other European markets. It is still not yet as developed as other European markets like Germany or France, particularly when it comes to the diversity of brokers specializing in ETPs. However, a development in that area would certainly further support the growth of the Nordic ETP market and positively impact the experience for the investors.

  1. What would you like to highlight in your bank’s product offering?

The broad spectrum of our product offering makes sure that we always have products that fit any investor’s outlook during almost any market scenario. We are constantly monitoring our products on the market in order to have an up-to-date product line, and we also welcome suggestions from any investors for new products.

  1. Do you have any advices for the traders in the competition?

Use the trading competition to get some valuable experience with investing in ETPs, and also to get to know the products that you are trading. On both Société Générale’s website and the NGM website you can find educational material that describes, in an easy language, how the different product types work, and how you can take advantage of different market scenarios.

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