PENSSELISETÄ is the lucky winner of Sijoittajamestari 2021

Nordic Growth Market´s yearly trading competition Sijoittajamestari is now over and PENSSELISETÄ is the lucky winner of Sijoittajamestari 2021 and named the most successful investor in Finland. We had the chance to ask a few questions to the new champion.

Congratulations for being the most successful investor in Finland and the winner of Sijoittajamestari 2021! How does it feel?

– Thank you! It’s surreal. I want to believe it wasn’t just a big lottery and I actually made the right choices.

What was your winning recipe? Tell us more about your strategy.

– Lots of luck and right amount of risk. Which means maximal risk in this case. I went full hazard-mode like PENSSELISETÄ on his best days and chose the biggest shorts that I could find. That paid me well on the last day of the competition.

Which asset classes did you trade the most in the competition?

– Mainly DAX and then NASDAQ at the end just because they move the fastest and gave the biggest leverage. I noticed many competitors on the top-list were trading gold and oil so I felt I can’t stand out by doing the same as the others.

What were your expectations for this year’s competition?

– Because of my strategy, I was expecting to either lose my money quick or get rich early but neither of these really happened before Friday which surprised me quite a lot.

What experience do you have of trading?

– I am theoretically interested in predicting and the dynamics of the markets but I haven’t been trading myself too much.

What are your best learnings from this year’s competition?

– That you never know what happens or how the market reacts in short term. Surprises may come overnight.

What tips do you have for succeeding in trading?

– Just chill and let someone else do it for you and do it long-term. It’s stressful to follow markets on a daily basis.

Do you have a role model when it comes to trading?

– The actual PENSSELISETÄ naturally. He seems to be living in Sweden nowadays.

What was the most fun part about participating in Sijoittajamestari 2021?

– Fun part was on Friday to notice that I was catching up the lead very quick when market made a dip. Also making the fast and correct moves at the end to secure the win was quite an exciting experience.

Why should you participate in Sijoittajamestari?

– Just to see how these dynamics work and to test your short term prediction skills.

Congratulations to the winner of Sijoittajamestari 2021!

Influencer/Twitter profile competition

Dear competitors,

We are in the last hours of this year’s trading competition and we are excited to see who will be crowned the best trader in the country!

In Sweden, there is also a side competition between influencers and popular Twitter profiles. Next year we would like to start a similar competition in Finland.

If you know of any Finnish influencer or popular finance Twitter profile that you would like to see participate in the competition, please send your suggestion to contact@ngm.se.

Halfway there!

The competition has come more than halfway, and the current leader is ETUSUORA. The leader is followed by the runner-up BULL1. It will be thrilling to follow the leaderboard during the last two days of trading and, as we know out of experience, anything can happen!

A word from our sponsor

It is time for the annual trading competition ”Investor-SM/NM/DM/Sijoittajamestari” and we managed to get a quick chat with one of our sponsors and ETP providers, Société Générale.

1. What are your thoughts about the trading competition?
We believe that the trading competition is a great way for both new investors as well as experienced investors to try out Exchange Traded Products. Especially for new traders there can be some useful experience gained during the trading competition.

2. How would you describe the different products you offer?
Société Générale offers more than 12 000 Exchange Traded Products across the Nordics. Everything from Bull & Bear certificates and Mini Futures to plain warrants and turbos are to be found in our product range. The large product offering gives investors a variety of different investment opportunities during different market conditions. Investors can get exposure to the development in almost anything – from commodities, precious metals, indices to most stocks.

3. What would be the main reasons to choose ETP products instead of investing in plain equities or mutual funds?
There are many reasons to choose ETPs over plain stocks or mutual funds. One reason is that you can get greater exposure to an underlying for a relatively small initial investment. This is due to the build-in leverage effect that most of our products have. Another reason is the fact that you can get easy exposure during bear markets by buying so-called “Short” or “Bear” products. These products enable you to earn a profit when the value of the underlying is decreasing. A third reason to consider is that our popular Mini Futures can be used to replicate existing equity positions in a portfolio for either hedging purposes or simply to reduce the cash exposure in a stock. In other words, the products can also be used for reducing the risk of an existing equity portfolio.

4. How would you describe the Nordic market compared to the rest of Europe?
The Nordic ETP market is not yet as developed as other European markets like Germany or France. However, we see a growing interest for investors to invest their savings, and also from a political point of view there have been taken some important steps in the Nordics towards a more investment friendly environment. This is a tendency we expect to see increase over the coming years for the benefit of investors.

5. What would you like to highlight in your bank’s product offering?
The broad spectrum of our product offering makes sure that we always have products that fit any investor’s belief during almost any market scenario. We are constantly monitoring our products on the market in order to have an up-to-date product line, and we also welcome suggestions from private investors for new products.

6. Do you have any advices for the traders in the competition?
Use the trading competition to get some valuable experience with investing in ETPs, and also to get to know the products that you are trading. On both Société Générale’s website and the NGM website you can find educational material that describes, in an easy language, how the different product types work, and how you can take advantage of different market scenarios.





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